Our Services to Our Customers

JAAS Systems offers our customers a wide range of Professional Services: implementation, training, process improvement, software customization and support. Our Professional Services team members come from a variety of backgrounds including; financial and accounting, distribution and manufacturing, which provides invaluable experience when assisting you with your business needs.

Implementation Services

The implementation methodology that JAAS Systems follows has been subject to continuous improvement since we began in 1999. Components of the methodology have evolved to keep pace with new technologies in hardware, software, and management. The overall approach described is tailored for the specific customer. However, the periodic review points and final customer approval are always considered mandatory.

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JAAS Systems’ projects are often performed with a pre-defined implementation due date. In such an environment, it is critical that the assignments are completed on time, within budget, and in a quality manner.

In order to achieve these goals, JAAS Systems has developed a logical approach to implementation. The approach allows an environment that provides proper planning, management, control, review, and customer approval. In addition, the methodology must suit the customer organization. To this end, implementation of the methodology begins with a review of the customer’s organization, policies, technology, and existing standards. As a result of this process, a “custom” version of the methodology which has been approved by the customer is used for that particular project.

JAAS Systems’ implementation methodology consists of six major components:


Discovery and Planning

This component of JAAS Systems’ methodology includes reviewing the customer operations, setting and prioritizing goals, developing detailed implementation plans, structuring the project and assigning responsibilities.

Design and Configuration

This component of JAAS Systems’ methodology includes project team education, planning and structuring the initial testing environment, conducting the initial testing, identifying required procedures, and identifying any potential customizations.

Documentation (Operating Procedures)

This component of JAAS Systems’ methodology includes developing and revising business policies and procedures, further development of the test database, and validating written procedures from the initial testing.

Testing (Conversion, Mapping, and Customization)

This component of JAAS Systems’ methodology includes developing final cutover plans, mapping and specifications, developing and testing the data conversion programs, developing and testing customizations, and manual data entry.

End User Training and Deployment

This component of JAAS Systems’ methodology includes detailed end-user training, pre-implementation review, finalizing and adjusting the Deployment plan, and final conversion.

Post Implementation Review

This component of JAAS Systems’ methodology includes a formal project review, assessing end user proficiency, verifying compliance with procedures, assessing system performance, and identifying any next steps.

Support Services

JAAS Systems is committed to providing exceptional and efficient support and solutions to our customers regarding the execution and use of JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS) and the Acumatica Cloud ERP Suites. The JAAS Support team has a deep knowledge of JAMS and the Acumatica Suites; thus we strive for accurate and quick resolutions so your business can continue running smoothly.

We provide several levels of support to our customers. For more detailed information about our support levels and services please contact info@jaas.net.